‘Blades of Glory’


Having moved on from the anchor desk and NASCAR, Will Ferrell at long last ridicules a hallowed profession. I refer, of course, to men’s figure skating. Who until now has dared to mock the sequined costumes, the power ballads, the spandex pants? Luckily, our man Ferrell is up to the challenge. Blades of Glory is the story of two male skaters (Ferrell and Jon Heder) who pair up thanks to a chain of events too ludicrous to mention. Even as it points its finger and laughs at every easy target, the film is also bizarrely earnest: Don’t worry, it tells you, figure skating with another man doesn’t make you gay, not even when your partner lifts you so high your crotch is in his face. It almost goes without saying that this undercurrent of homoeroticism is not handled deftly. Blades is funny up to a point, but by now Ferrell & Co. have the formula for mild comedy down pat. What they need is a little soul.