brgr: Kind of Like a Monet


(Jen Snow)

Brgr, (pronounced BER-GER) opened last night and, since it is literally around the corner from my own humble dwellings, I stopped in for a brgr.

It reminded me of a guy who looks hot from down the block, but not so good up close. The place is slick and overtly trendy, and the menu is appealing, but the details are all messed up.

(Jen Snow)

The choices are beef, turkey, and veggie, and there are 14 composed sandwiches on the menu, or you can “do it yourself,” and choose from six cheeses, 10 toppings, and six sauces.

My date and I ordered one of the house creations, a beef burger with gruyere, avocado, herb mayonnaise, onion, lettuce, and tomato. Despite posh toppings, it was decidedly fast-food-esque, (thin, dense patty, rubbery cheese, soggy bun) but bland instead of salty, and $8.50 instead of $3. The consistency was uniform throughout. As my friend put it “The outside is the same as the inside.” We also created our own turkey burger with Vermont cheddar, radish sprouts, and horseradish cream. Same problems here.

To be fair, no place can really be judged in its first few hours—or even weeks. I’ll be back for sure.

287 Seventh Ave
(between 26th and 27th)
(212) 488-7500