Noise From the Front


Sources say a fine week for informed forays into musical territories both familiar and strange is ahead, with a roster of acts that calls for your immediate attention. Practice your latest tactical assault on the dance floor to music by local stars Mixel Pixel and Canada’s own naughty maiden Peaches. Proclaim your loyalty to the City That Never Sleeps with rap legend Rakim and with songwriter extraordinaire Freedy Johnston. Wax nostalgic with Scots supergroup FourGoodMen, whose signature sound is part Simple Minds, part Big Country (and with good reason); indulge in your secret crush with eyeliner at the Boyskout’s camp show; then scream along with Agnostic Front for an early does of hardcore auld lang syne. If all this leaves you shellshocked, there’s a Scott Matthew show at Pete’s that’s sure to provide you with some much-needed R&R (that’s rest and relaxation). And finally, if you’ve anything left in your tank—or bank account—plot a course for jangle-pop master Mitch Easter’s solo show.

And remember, listening well is the best revenge.

“Everybody Knew” from ANOTHER LIFE (Three Ring, 2006)
[Wednesday, November 22 listing]

“New York” from THE 18TH LETTER (UMG, 1997)
[Friday, November 24 listing]

Mixel Pixel
“Coming Up Xs” from MUSIC FOR PLANTS (Kanine, 2006)
[Saturday, November 25 listing]

Agnostic Front
“Another Voice” from ANOTHER VOICE (Nuclear Blast, 2006)
[Saturday, November 25 listing]

Jerry Jeff Walker
“I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” with Carole King, from TOO OLD TO CHANGE (Elektra, 1979)
[Friday, November 24 listing]

Mitch Easter
“Pay You Back with Interest” from SING HOLLIES IN REVERSE (Eggbert, 1995)
[Tuesday, November 28 listing]

“Downtown” from IMPEACH MY BUSH (XL, 2006)
[Friday, November 24 listing]

Freedy Johnston
“Bad Reputation” from THIS PERFECT WORLD (Elektra, 1994)
[Saturday, November 25 listing]

“Heart of Wonder'” (unreleased, 2006)
[Monday, November 27 listing]

Scott Matthew
“Amputee” (2006)
[Thursday, November 23 listing]