Noise from the Front


Live and on disc, music is big business 24/7 in the Big Apple. Area institutions of higher learning are back in session, and the streets of the city are thick with children whose ears hunger for the sound of something new, modern, and magical. And, as the CMJ Festival is just around the corner, the opportunities for enlightment are especially plentiful and diverse. For your listening pleasure, this week we run the sonic gamut from icy Swedish synthpop by the Knife to tough-love Emo distilled by New Jersey’s own My Chemical Romance —with digressions into semi-serious MoTown revival by the Dansettes; delicious darkwave by Dame Darcy’s new band, Death by Doll (here covering a Silver Apples classic); worldbeat by Divahn; electro-tango by the Gotan Project; and venerable Ryman Auditorium country as performed by Nashville Attitude.

Go forth, consume and prosper.

“Answers and Questions” single (Suicide Squeeze, 2006)
[October 30 listing]

Death By Doll
“The Flame” (unreleased 2006)
[October 29 listing]

“Cuando el Rey Nimrod” from DIVAHN (Miz Rocky, 2004)
[October 30 listing]

Nashville Attitude
“Put Your Dreams Away” from SERVED NIGHTLY (2005)
[October 26 listing]

The Dansettes
“Money Tree” from OH MY! (Hammonbeat, 2006)
[October 28 listing]

The Knife
“Marble House” from SILENT SHOUT (Brille, 2006)
[Powell music feature]

Lisa Germano
“Into Oblivion” from IN THE MAYBE WORLD (Young God, 2006)
[October 27 listing]

Gotan Project
“Domingo” from LUNATICO (XL Recordings, 2006)
[October 25 listing]

My Chemical Romance
“Welcome to the Black Parade” from single (Reprise/WEA, 1006)
[Howe music feature]

Tiger Lillies
“Life’s a Bitch” from DIE WEBERISCHEN — A MUSICAL BLACK COMEDY (Misery Guts
Music, 2005)
[October 31 listing]