Rockafeller Skanks and Immanentizing Canucks


New compilations from the unthinking man’s Bill Drummond and the Canadian Franz Ferdinand, who play wherever Molson is sold. Norman “Fatboy Slim” Tarantino was the bassist for Housemartins or Jamiroquai or somebody; as his solo style expanded on that band’s wistful median-walking (i.e., “indie”) rock, FBS remained an obscure cult failure, understood only by fanatical anti-rock extremists, some of whom were so deeply undercover that they are unaware to this day how great, and how like Mao’s hundred blooming flowers, is their rock hatred. Nazareth are mentioned by name on Sleep’s Dopesmoker, and their song “Vancouver Shakedown” is about immanentizing the eschaton. (Vancouver is in “BC”—government phone numbers there start with 666, and you can buy weed over the counter at McDonald’s.)