Longtime local DJ and radio personality Jeannie Hopper, of Liquid Sound Lounge fame, in addition to being a musical connoisseur who specializes in eclectic, funky, feel-good, groovy sets, is a fierce political junkie. She headlines Alma NYC, which tips its hat to neo-Brazilian beats and the ladies, in this ultra-femme lineup that includes Mia Friday, Lola (of Deep See fame), and Jenifa Mayanja. With resident DJ True Miller Cruz. Fri @ 10, Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan, $5-$15

Jackie Beat, the drag diva who terrorized audiences at such hallmark venues as the Cock and Fez, has moved to L.A., leaving New Yorkers mostly safe from harm. But because we need to be kept on our toes, the bitch is back, with a new show shockingly titled “Jackie Beat Is Not a People Person.” Ms. Beat is a trained theater actress, but no amount of training could make a person this talented, this witty, or this scathing. (The show should just be called “Jackie Beat Is a Fucking Genius.”) Popular songs get remixed with sick and twisted lyrics that’ll make your gut hurt so good. Turn off your cell phone during the show, or girlfriend will go all Naomi Campbell on you. Fri–Sun, Cutting Room, 18 W 24th, 212-691-1900, $17

Yes, there’s a subgenre called drum’n’bass, and yes, there are still people who listen to it. Those people get a treat this week, as Craze, one of the first DJs to mix the fast-and-furious art of scratch-it-up turntablism with drum’n’bass, headlines a party with local junglist Christian Bruna on a boat. With MC Armanni. Now, that’s rich. Sat @ 10, World Yacht Marina, 41st & West Side Hwy, $20-$30