Rack Focus


Brokeback Mountain

The debate over whether Crash is indeed the worst Best Picture winner in Academy history will rage on, but meanwhile the movie that should have beaten it arrives on disc. Extras include interviews with Oscar-winning screenwriters Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, a making-of doc, and a featurette on director Ang Lee.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

While unlikely to spawn a Lord of the Rings–style cult, the first of what promises to be many Disney-produced adaptations of C.S. Lewis’s famed children’s books is a serviceable adaptation, highlighted by some unusually sensitive child performances (all four young are on hand for a commentary track with director Andrew Adamson) and Tilda Swinton’s energetic turn as the White Witch. The two-disc edition includes oodles of behind-the-scenes material.

Kill the Moonlight

A 1994 slacker comedy thinly disguised as a 1970s B movie, Steven Hanft’s debut feature was the apparent inspiration for Beck’s “Loser” (which samples a line of dialogue from the movie). The loser in question is aspiring stock-car driver Chance, who spends his days as a fish-hatchery worker and toxic-waste cleaner, all the while trying to win back his estranged wife and fix up that old Camaro. Included is the long-out-of-print soundtrack CD, which includes three Beck songs and three tracks from the band Loser, featuring Beck and Hanft.