As you get up in club years (say, 29), you don’t want to go to clubs; you prefer the comfort of someone’s house. This is part of the appeal of the cool Wolf + Lamb parties in Brooklyn, which favor Berlin techno. Their website pokes fun at the upscale lifestyle hotel lounges dotting the city—it features a fictional “Marcy Hotel,” with a menu that features “Derek Plaslaiko” and “Spinoza.” Ha. This week, two Wolf + Lamb soldiers, Odd Dots and Loren Steele, venture away from the comforts of the W + L home and play at their like-minded compatriots’ in the city’s party, The Bunker, which is so underground, it’s actually underground. Fri @ 10, subtonic, 107 Norfolk, 212-358-7501

One of the key producers to come out of L.A., John Tejada’s had a long steady career making brawny techno for respected labels like Plug Research and Seventh City, as well as his own imprint, Palette. While some of the trendy microhouse tracks can get a bit too precious, Tejada keeps a level head, with a steady stream of funk grounding the beats. Tejada headlines Sleepy and Boo’s two-year anniversary of their Basic bash, which also includes Taimur Agha, Devin Deveaux, and the two hosts and residents. Sat @ 10, Sullivan Room, 212-843-2400

The bad news: We are losing another one to Europe. The good news: There’s a going away soiree with fabu music. The party, called Don’t Change! Don’t Ever Change! doubles as the official send-off for G. Rizo, a/k/a Ihu Anyanwu (she of Coded and International Gigolo fame), who is moving to Vienna (not Berlin—gasp!), and features live sets from the lady of the hour and Jacques Renault. Expect a big squishy ball of disco (Italo and otherwise), post-punk, techno, soul, and nu-beat rolled into one. Thu @ 10, Happy Ending, 302 Broome, 212-334-9676

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