Remote Patrol


Grizzly Man

February 3 at 8 on Discovery Channel

This TV premiere of Werner Herzog’s eerie doc about bear-obsessed eccentric Timothy Treadwell is followed by
Diary of the Grizzly Man, a further trek into the enigmas of the naturalist’s life and death.

Frontline: Sex Slaves

February 7 at 9 on Channel 13

It must be vice month over at Frontline: First there’s this suspenseful, intimate view of sex trafficking, as we witness naive young women from former Eastern Bloc countries unwittingly sold into bondage (followed by gripping rescue attempts). A week later, on February 14, the series investigates the booming, zooming meth trade.


Weeknights at 7 on Style

It doesn’t take much to stir up controversy these days, as Isaac Mizrahi discovered when he asked Golden Globe
starlets about underwear. The designer is just as impish on his low-key show; he fawns and probes in just the right measure, yielding unpredictable and enjoyable talk-show patter.