Long Island Dolls Next Door Opt for Midnight Snack Over Fix and Kiss


Powerpop never really went away, but it ought to be revived anyway. Young bands could make it something cooler. All it needs is to be sexed up, and glam is the way to go. Long Island group Milk ‘n’ Cookies figured that out way back in the early ’70s.

They actually sounded like the New York Dolls at times, this new reissue demonstrates, but this group didn’t exactly want a fix with their kiss. (What did they want instead? Milk ‘n’ cookies!) Still, singer Justin Strauss is not without his elements of danger, and he’s got no time for homework. He’s devoted to his girlfriend, but maybe a bit too much: “I want love/I don’t want nothing else/If I can’t/I’m gonna kill myself” (after which the band dramatically cuts out and the guitarist lays down a savage gauntlet riff).

Justin manages to be the boy next door and a foxy glam alien all at once. “Don’t wanna be no man/I’d rather stay Peter Pan.” Indeed. But he proves you can be Peter Pan just by wearing jeans and a cute T-shirt. He also knows that Peter Pan only sings for really dynamite bands.