‘Margaret Cho: The Assassin Tour’


Bisexual Korean American comedian Margaret Cho continues to damage the struggle of bisexual Korean American comedians fighting for the right to be gay and funny, gay married and funny, or straight, funny, and just a li’l bit gay, primarily by being mostly unfunny. Assassin is the listless signature on her career-long comedic suicide note. The Notorious one sure is a fierce competitor, though. Endurance? Commitment? Please, homegirl makes Lance Armstrong look like a pussy. LIVESTRONG? Try standing in front of a crowd for 80 minutes with her material and we’ll see who deserves their own rubber bracelet. Cho does just that in Assassin, pandering to her LGBT audience with tired leads like “The last true diva was Cher [wait for rapturous applause].” Surely queers worldwide don’t even “Believe” in life after love anymore. Her embrace of controversial political topics might be welcome if her jokes weren’t so predictable. Except for the one about Laura Bush’s coochie (speculatively) tasting like Lysol. Nope, didn’t see that one coming.