Stamina: Artists and Activists Plan to Finish What They Started


OK, considering what went down on November 2, two and a half months of moping seem reasonable. But now the days are getting longer, spring is two months away, and it’s time to move onward and upward. With that attitude (and as a therapeutic way to barrel past the inauguration of you-know-who), Amnesty International Firefly Project, Art Is Permitted Everywhere, FELT, and Theaters Against War are gathering over 40 artists and activists this weekend, to build on the momentum that was gained leading up to the election, and to brainstorm new and creative ways to invoke social change. Among the many events planned is a film series entitled “How to Change the World in Short or Feature Length,” which includes pieces by Hany Abu-Assad and Naomi Klein. “Image Acts” showcases politically inspired artwork by the Guerrilla Girls, Martha Rosler, and 23 other artists. And media critic Danny Schecter, graphic novelist David Rees, illustrator Peter Kuper, and Chad Nackers from The Onion lead panel discussions and workshops on topics ranging from the effectiveness of public performance to the role of political satire. Whether you pounded the pavement last fall, or have resolved to become more politically proactive in the new year, this conference should provide the necessary fuel to get you through the next four.