Who’s More Annoying Than Osama bin Laden?


How irritating is Justin Timberlake? Very, according to the scads of people who voted in‘s poll for the most annoying personalities of 2004. Though anxious-to-bother-you nightmares like Britney Spears, Dr. Phil, and Osama bin Laden all landed in the top 10, none of them could hold a creepy candle to the big winner, Justin himself, who’s skinny in every way except attitude. Respondents apparently disliked Justin’s participation in Nipplegate, his subsequent distancing of himself from it, and his persnickety behavior around paparazzi with his (annoying) arm accessory Cameron Diaz. Sheesh, imagine if he’d released music last year!

Already, The New York Times is the most annoying publication of ’05 for the reason they gave to defend their omission of Susan Sontag’s relationship with Annie Leibovitz from their lengthy Sontag obit. As you may have read, Timesman Daniel Okrent said they couldn’t find any backup to support running with the lesbian stuff! Funny, I didn’t realize (Jayson Blair) that the Times (Jayson Blair) was such a perfection-seeking stickler for facts (Jayson Blair, Jayson Blair, Jayson Blair). Maybe NOW they’re trying to be more accurate, but it’s strange they should use a multi-decade, widely known relationship as an excuse to suddenly get particular!

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