Somewhere amid the pulse-quickening image drool of the Blade franchise lurks an intriguing pop fable about the lunacy of (and attraction to) notions of racial “purity,” and this third installment comes closest to teasing it out. Like the first two entries, however, Blade: Trinity shelves any deep thoughts in favor of crass reptile-brain stimulation. Wesley Snipes returns as the eponymous vampire-human hybrid, this time pitted against no less than Dracula (Dominic Purcell, the screen’s worst Count yet), as well as a gang of baddies whose femme fatale leader (Parker Posey) has the look and demeanor of Pat Benatar gone to seed. Blade teams with his deceased mentor’s daughter (Jessica Biel) and her crew to develop a vampire-destroying virus, and the car chases, running gun battles, and kung fu slug-fests begin. Director Goyer, who wrote all three Blade films, deserves credit for sticking with the character, but aside from the effectively staged action sequences Trinity is cheap-looking and laughably inept.