Sex Slaves


It’s so perfect that John Cameron Mitchell directed the SCISSOR SISTERS‘ upcoming video for “Filthy/Gorgeous.” The Hedwig and the Angry Inch star—who spent that movie in drag and going on “dates”—placed the band in what Mitchell describes as a “utopian whorehouse” filled with downtown denizens, including the WORLD FAMOUS *BOB*, G SPOT, MONA FOOT, SWEETIE, JEFFREY DEITCH, DIRTY MARTINI, and a handful of DAZZLE DANCERS. (Sometimes here at Fly Life headquarters, it feels like we live in a small town in Kansas called the East Village, and we write the high school newsletter.)

In the video, singers ANA MATRONIC and JAKE SHEARS star as the madame and a hustler, respectively. Drag king MURRAY HILL plays a john who spanks Shears. That’s funny, we didn’t know Murray was a homosexual. Mr. Hill told Shears why he was risking his ladies’ man image: “Listen, kid, I’m only doing this because I love that record.”

In a brilliant casting move (thanks to JAMES COPPOLA), CHARLOTTE RAE, a/k/a Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life, makes a cameo appearance. “She kept saying, ‘You boys are gorgeous. Filthy and gorgeous,’ and she was touching their cheeks like a mom!” reports Murray.

Mitchell became a fan when he met Shears at a Radical Faerie conference and saw him perform “Laura” backed by a boombox. When they got big, the Sisters asked Mitchell to direct their videos, but this was the first time he’s been available. It was also the first time he’s directed a video, but Mitchell says it felt remarkably similar to directing Hedwig. “It was like, ‘Is the wig ready?’ ” says Mitchell.

He didn’t don a wig for his reprisal performance as LAURA BUSH in TONY KUSHNER‘s Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy, a fundraiser for Downtown for Democracy held at Cooper Union’s Great Hall October 17, but you still got the prissiness of the first lady loud and clear. Act One features Mitchell’s Mrs. Bush reading to dead Iraqi children; the second finds PATRICIA CLARKSON in the Bush role (with Mitchell playing Kushner and actress KRISTEN JOHNSON as the narrator), indignantly commenting on the first act, “You got a drag queen to play me!” Says Mitchell of the real Mrs. Bush, “I don’t want to meet her in case I really hate her. And I want to like her.”

By the time I visited the Anti War Dance party Mitchell DJ’d afterward at Luke & Leroy, it was empty. That’s ’cause, as promised, Team Fly Life first went to the two-year anniversary of DANNY KRIVIT‘s 718 Sessions at Deep. However, upon arrival, the nice but confused lady at the door insisted that I could not possibly be TRICIA ROMANO, since “Tricia Romano is tall.” Kids, Tricia Romano is pygmy height. Inside, a virtual who’s who of the house community could be found dancing, including West End Records’ MEL CHEREN, Blaze’s JOSH MILAN, Shelter’s KEVIN HEDGE and TIMMY REGISFORD, DJs STEVE TRAVOLTA, ADAM GOLDSTONE, FRANKIE FELICIANO, and even techno jock FRANKIE BONES. I also saw none other than WILLIE NINJA voguing in the corner. The tune playing when I walked in? “We Are Family.”

There was a different sort of dance party at the Tribeca Grand last Tuesday honoring the new LE TIGRE record. Murray Hill danced with the ladies and played with Girlie Action boss VICKIE STARR‘s cute little puppy. Techno DJ JOHN SELWAY prayed for the dog’s hearing, but then he’s part of an outfit with DJ ULYSSES called the NEUROTIC DRUM BAND. He insisted, however, that he was just the drummer, and Ulysses was the neurotic one. “I’m the WOODY ALLEN of techno,” quipped Ulysses. I offered to be the neurotic go-go girl for the band’s upcoming show at Tonic with DAHLIA SCHWEITZER. I’d just spend the entire time fully clothed, shouting, “Don’t look at me!”

The girls at a secret, super-naughty photo shoot in a certain Lower East Side bar were not neurotic at all. If you’d stumbled into the back room on Tuesday, you’d have encountered naked ladies sporting little else but tattoos and piercings for The bar’s owners want to preserve their establishment’s virginal image and didn’t want its name used. Here’s a hint: It’s one of those dives on Ludlow. Yeah, that really narrows it down, doesn’t it?