Nader Uses the I-Word


In a recent interview with Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, who among other things is seeking conservative support, raised the issue of U.S.-Israel relations, charging that the U.S. is “supporting the Israeli military regime with billions of dollars and ignoring both the Israeli peace movement, which is very substantial, and the Palestinian peace movement.”

Nader continued, “The subservience of our congressional and White House puppets to Israeli military policy has been consistent. Until ’91, any dictator who was anti-Communist was our ally. . . . Instead of focusing on how to bring a peaceful settlement, both parties concede their independent judgment to the pro-Israeli lobbies in this country because they perceive them as determining the margin in some state elections and as sources of funding.”

To which J.J. Goldberg, editor of the Forward, the New York Jewish paper, said, “Both Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader have a history of seeing all the blame is on Israel. Nader is saying that America has ignored the Israeli peace movement. I think that’s ridiculous. America has put an enormous amount of effort into pushing Israelis into negotiations with the Palestinians. The right-wing Israeli government right now is talking about getting out of the Gaza Strip as a first step.” Goldberg added, “Nader and Buchanan in their little lovefest here show what they’re both made of.”