Change directions: This weekend turn left at Cooper Union


There’s no doubt that there will be something for everybody at the Socialist Scholars Conference. That’s because the country’s headed in the opposite direction: nothing for anybody, unless you’re in the very small elite ruling class. Billed as the largest annual gathering of the U.S. left, this year’s conference is particularly apt, coming less than six months before its antithesis: the Republican National Convention. The weekend will offer roughly 70 panel discussions fueled by brainpower from around the planet. Plus plenty of reading matter and T-shirts. The opening plenary session, at 7 p.m. Friday, is called “The World Is Not for Sale!” And right off the bat on Saturday morning, trenchant lefty economist Doug Henwood will join several others to discuss the particulars of “Hostile Takeover: Wall Street and the Economy.” Among the panelists, Lynne Stewart, an Ashcroft target scheduled to go on trial in May for supposedly aiding terrorists, will discuss “The Emerging Police State,” and Robert Jensen will help break down “Engaging the Mainstream Media.” Check out for the latest list of speakers and panels.