A spoofy pastiche of grade-Z 1950s and ’60s horror/sci-fi fare, this MiniDV cheapie credibly replicates the shabby earnestness and outré charm—and tedium. Writer-director Larry Blamire, who also plays a charisma-challenged scientist, generally avoids snarky derision, and his grasp of schlock-genre subtleties is genuinely affectionate. Nevertheless, a po-faced simulacrum of Plan 9 From Outer Space is nobody’s idea of a good time, so The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is wisely played for laughs. It frequently scores; Blamire nails Ed Wood’s trademark syntactical acrobatics, and a sublimely awkward set piece featuring masquerading aliens (Andrew Parks and Susan McConnell) recalls the dinner scene in Eraserhead drained of queasy dread. Skeleton may be 100 percent cult-in-a-can, but aficionados should feel sated. All others are advised to bring copious amounts of controlled substances.