A sports bar in Castle Hill has plenty of game for everyone


Who said sports bars were just places for guys to pound beers and gleefully watch games? Sports Plus Café, a bar in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx, definitely sets itself apart from the rest. The drinks range from the girlie Sea Breeze (a mix of vodka, pineapple juice, and lime juice; $6) to the testosterone-loaded Thug’s Passion ($11), a combination of Alizé and Hennessy that is guaranteed to make the toughest “thug” fall to his knees. Other popular concoctions, like the Godmother and Godfather, are dreadful mixes of Scotch or vodka and Disaronno. Whatever your poison, sit back and relax by the hunter- green-and-wood-decorated bar, where you can catch the action at one of the small television screens throughout the place. Or, if you’re interested in a different sort of game, stop by on Thursdays for a night of live jazz, or on Social Saturdays for a mix of hip-hop, r&b, and salsa. You never know who you’ll run into; the bar proudly displays photos of favorite baseball and football players, such as Derek Jeter, who have visited in the past for a little refreshment. If it’s good enough for a Bronx bomber, then who wouldn’t think this place is da bomb?