Screen Test 2002


This year’s Stuart Byron Movie Trivia Quiz again strives to raise the bar of cinemanic savoir faire above the redoubtable cheat resources of the Internet (much less an easily accessible book or video), an effort that grows more strenuous every year. The deadline: Friday, July 19. You can mail your entry to the Voice offices or e-mail it to The prize: a $250 gift certificate at the bookshop or video store of your choice.

Being There

1. In what films did each of these landmarks first appear?

(a) World Trade Center

(b) Watts Towers

(c) Vietnam Veterans Memorial

(d) Sydney Opera House

(e) Seattle Space Needle

(f) Angkor Wat

(g) Berlin Wall

(h) Guggenheim Museum

(i) Empire State Building

2. Name 10 American film critics who have appeared in fiction films as characters other than themselves. (Peter Bogdanovich, having authored mostly profile pieces and interviews, doesn’t quite count.)

3. What two actors or actresses appeared in the most Alfred Hitchcock movies (not including Hitchcock himself)?

4. What’s the connection between Errol Flynn and François Villon, Vincent D’Onofrio and Napoleon, and Diane Lane and Lucretia Borgia?

5. In which films did these actors drink these brands of beer:

(a) Gary Oldman, Harp

(b) Jeff Bridges, Guinness

(c) Robert De Niro, Rolling Rock

(d) Dean Stockwell, Pabst

(e) Jim Carrey, Penn Pavel’s

6. Name U.S. senators and/or representatives who have acted in films while they were in office; two points a piece.

The Vanishing

7. From which Little RascalsOur Gang short was Spanky’s blackface masquerade as Buckwheat routinely cut from television prints since the ’60s?

8. What musical image was excised from À Nous la Liberté by René Clair himself?

9. What Soviet classic lost a sequence of a nude woman grieving for a murdered lover to the censors?

10. What contemporary auteur’s film bears no credit for its malcontent lead actor, whose voice was later dubbed by another member of the cast?

Come and See

11. Who penned the contemporaneous Berkley paperback novelization of Budd Boetticher’s Seven Men From Now (1956)?

12. Name three writer-directors who wrote—or at least took credit for writing—their own movies’ novelizations.

13. Name the film in which:

(a) Gérard Depardieu pisses in a man’s mouth

(b) Ernest Borgnine chases a desert mirage

(c) Marlene Dietrich wears a blond Afro wig

(d) Jean-Paul Belmondo paints his face blue

(e) Nick Nolte extracts his own tooth

(f) Robert Mitchum digs up a toy gun under a porch

(g) Myrna Loy walks out on William Powell

(h) Johnny Depp gets murdered in bed wearing a Walkman

14. What’s the longest word that can be spelled using one-letter movie titles?

15. In what live-action films were these artists’ visuals co-opted:

(a) Joel-Peter Witkin

(b) Damien Hirst

(c) Francis Bacon


16. Name five silent features—maybe music, but no dialogue, narration, or live sound—made after 1939.

17. What’s the longest film ever to receive an actual theatrical release (i.e., it was shown theatrically more than twice)?

18. What fur company financed Robert Flaherty’s Arctic trip to make Nanook of the North?

19. List three of vintage exploitation dean Dwain Esper’s four known production or distribution company names.

20. Who was the earliest female avant-garde filmmaker in the United States?