The Underground

The only discernible reason to sit through The Underground Comedy Movie is to admire writer-director-star Vince
Offer’s marketing hustle. By
filing a copyright-infringement lawsuit against the makers of There’s Something About Mary, Offer was able to drum up enough publicity to get his lunkheaded, amateurish movie released. Based on some public-access TV shows he shot years ago, Offer’s film is a listless, laughless attempt at
a Kentucky Fried Movie­esque sketch comedy, one that— with its rampant racism, sexism, ageism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia— would be wildly offensive if it weren’t so obvious Offer doesn’t know any better. Some sample humor: In a parody skit called “Flirty Harry,” Offer-as-Eastwood points his gun and growls, “Go ahead. Make me gay.” Is that even, technically, a joke? That bit
is emblematic: Offer takes an obvious, out-of-date target, witlessly plugs in some curse words and crude scatological references that might appeal to particularly boorish junior high school students, and makes it into an overly long scene with the technical
sophistication of a worse-than-average home movie. For masochists only.

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